Monthly Archives: November 2010

Toddler Portraits in Apsley Hertfordshire

Recently I spent a lovely morning with one of my favourite little boys playing in the Autumn leaves and getting some lovely portraits.  I was fortunate enough to photograph his parents wedding a few years ago and its been really lovely seeing him grow up.  We took a few photos indoors and outdoors; played in the garden; took a walk to the park  – relaxed, natural, outdoor location portraits are a lot of fun especially for toddlers who don’t stay still for more than a couple of seconds !  Here are a small selection – hope you enjoy them.

Outdoor Childrens Portraits in Olney

Autumn is a fabulous time to take outdoor location portraits of children.  I recently had a fabulous morning in Olney with a wonderful family getting some natural portraits of them all on a lovely Autumn day.  The boys were really good fun, had fights in the leaves, rode their bikes and generally had a great time.  There were really too many to choose from but here’s a selection from the day.  If you would like some portraits of your family or children do get in touch to arrange a shoot.

Portraits of Newborn Twins Rickmansworth Herts

Photographing newborn babies is one of the best bits of my job – I really really love them and every session is different.  Newborn twins are extra challenging and they seem to have an inbuilt reflex that means you can’t get them to do the same thing at the same time !  So in this session we have a very sleepy baby boy and a wide-awake baby girl – I couldn’t get them both being asleep or both being awake – nevertheless they were both gorgeous and it was lots of fun –  here are some of my personal favourites ….

Toddler and Baby Photos Great Glen Leicester

I had a fabulous morning in Great Glen near Leicester recently photographing two beautiful little girls.  We took some images at home then had a run round the village green and finished up playing on the bikes in the back yard.  They were both so gorgeous and we had lots of fun.  Here are a few of my personal favourites.