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Olney Infant School_Photo Session Prize Winner

I ran a prize draw at the Olney Infant School Christmas Fair where the winner could win a photo session with Siobhan Murphy Photography.  There were lots of entrants but the lucky winner turned out to be pregnant so I was delighted that the winning session ended up being for a newborn baby … as you followers of my work know new babies are one of my favourite subjects.  The Newborn Photography session took place in Olney and all images are taken in your own home.  This little fella was just 11 days old when I went to visit him and his lovely Mum.  His Mum had a good friend visiting and so we had a wonderful relaxed afternoon chatting and photographing the new man of the house.  These are just a few of the images that they were able to have as part of their prize.   I run special offers and prize draws from time to time so join my facebook photography page and you could be the lucky winner of the next one !!/SiobhanMurphyPhotography

Here are some of the Newborn Baby Session Photos – hope you like them.

Gift Vouchers for Mothers Day -Photos to treasure

Well Mother’s Day is just around the corner and many people out there will be trying to think of something to buy for Mother’s Day that is a bit more exciting than the usual flowers or chocolates or perfume.  Not that we Mums are AT ALL ungrateful for any of these gifts (digs self out of hole!!) but sometimes its nice to get something a little different.   People may be trying to think of a present for their own Mums or perhaps they are looking for a gift for their wife, girlfriend or partner from a small child that is not capable of doing the shopping on his/her own quite yet.  A Gift voucher for a family portrait session or baby session could be the ideal gift.  I don’t know of a mother that wouldn’t want beautiful pictures of her children and family – or indeed any Grandmother that wouldn’t want this sort of gift.  It could be a great chance to get all the grandchildren together ?  or pictures of cousins together perhaps ?  I often do sessions for extended families so do feel free to get in touch to discuss.

Its wonderful to get some fabulous children portraits or newborn baby pictures or pictures of teenagers as a gift for Mum but its important to remember that children love pictures of themselves WITH their Mum in the picture.  In my experience – and I’m guilty of this myself – Mums will come up with any number of reasons NOT to be in the photograph with the children … I’ve put on weight; I need to get my hair done; I look a mess today; I haven’t done my makeup; I hate myself in photographs; I’m not photogenic; I haven’t lost the baby weight yet .. and the list goes on and on and on …..  Forget all those things (because after all these days we have photoshop on our side and there is no shame in a bit of subtle retouching – its good enough for the supermodels!) and have a picture with your lovely children.  You will treasure the picture and MORE IMPORTANTLY  in the future, when they look back on the picture, your children will treasure it too ……….


As someone who spends her time behind the camera – its important for me to remember to take time to go in front of the camera so that my little girl will have memories of us together when she was small.  I’m lucky to have lots of wonderful photographer friends that can do the honours for me like in the photo below (taken by the lovely Carole Kelly of CK Photography) but for all of you then a gift voucher from Siobhan Murphy Photography could be the answer.  Vouchers can be purchased starting at £60 and include the session fee and a mounted image of your choice as part of the gift.  You can purchase to higher sums to put towards other products.  More information on my website.

So come on get all those fabulous beautiful Mums a precious gift that will last a lifetime ……… (after all those chocolates will be gone faster than you can say Mother’s Day)


Portraits in your home .. St Albans Hertfordshire

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve recently been lucky enough to photograph some absolutely gorgeous children and this session was no exception – however I also got to photograph some gorgeous Mums as well.  Portrait session are done inside or outdoors on location depending upon the weather and the preferences of the family.  Children tend to enjoy running around outside but if the wonderful British Weather is against us, it is possible to get lovely natural portraits in your own home.  If you would like to share the session with a friend and both have pictures of yourselves and your children that is no problem – I allow plenty of time so we will be able to get plenty of shots.  Here are a few from the session ….

You may also want other members of the family to join the session as well.  I particularly like this image as it features four generations of lovely ladies from the same family !

Newborn Baby Portraits Rickmansworth

As I often say on the blog taking pictures of Newborn Babies is one of my favourite things !  The pictures are all taken at home so it is relaxing for the baby and most importantly for mum.  I love to take the photos when the baby is as new as possible to make for those really poignant images of the baby when they are at their smallest.  It is always a pleasure to see any Mother with a new baby but there is something particularly wonderful about a first time Mum.  These images of little baby Maisy were taken at 12 days – she was very alert for the session and it was hard to get her to go to sleep.   We managed in the end (briefly) but first some of the wide awake shots .. hope you like them.

She eventually dozed off briefly – but kept waking up so we took a bit of time swapping between feeds and cuddles and more sleepy shots

In the end though – the little one managed to make it clear when she had had enough of the photo session – I love this  – it really made me laugh when I spotted it and Mum loved it …..

Mother’s Day is coming up – a gift voucher for a photo session would make a fabulous gift for a New Mum or even a Mum with older children, Teenagers or a gift for a Grandmother to have images of her grandchildren.  Contact me at if you would like more information.

Family Portraits in Croxley Hertfordshire

One of the many lovely things about photographing children in their own homes or on location is seeing how they are progressing.  I am often lucky enough to return to the same families to take pictures of their children and babies as they grow up.  These photos were taken near Rickmansworth and these fabulous little girls are cousins.  I photographed both of them as newborn babies – more on this in another blog post – and returned to photograph them both for their First Birthdays (which are a couple of months apart).  Its wonderful to see how the babies have changed and to see their little personalities develop.  It was particularly lovely to see these two gorgeous little girls as I also photographed the weddings for both sets of parents so always nice to catch up with them again.  Here’s a few pictures of the little cousins – hope you enjoy them.