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Newborn Baby Photographer Olney Milton Keynes

I am a newborn baby photographer in Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.  I also cover Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  Are you looking for newborn baby photos taken in your own home ?  Then check my website I could be the ideal newborn photographer for you.  Photographs of your newborn baby are amongst the most precious images you can own.  All images of your family are fabulous memories to treasure as your children grow but capturing them when they are brand new and at their most tiny and vulnerable is a very special time.  Newborn baby photography has really taken off and there are some fabulous images of newborns all over the internet and on photographers sites.  The current trend is for images with lots of props and hats (many shaped like animals) and for nearly all the babies to be asleep.  Its a personal thing but cute as the sleepy images are, I also love images with their little eyes open or an image of mum soothing the baby.  I’ve even seen the odd image of babies with dummies in,  there are lots of options for non sleepy babies.  Everyone has their own style and you will find a photographer to suit you, but for me the more over-propped images I see of babies hanging off of branches in slings or wearing tutus or hats that look like owls – the more I feel I want to keep my baby images simple.

Babies are beautiful – its that simple – and all the extra hats and props can be distracting from the actual image unless they are used in a subtle or artistic way.

So I thought I would do a post on newborn images showing you how I like to shoot newborns – simply and beautifully – emphasising the gorgeousness of the new baby and love of the parents for their precious new gift.   Please also remember when selecting a photographer to check they have had some training in newborn baby posing and safety – many poses you see online have been created by supporting the baby and photo-shopping out hands and arms afterwards.  Safety is the top priority in Newborn Photography.

So my own style has developed from when I first started shooting newborns, from trying lots of different props to eventually finding ones that I feel work and mean I can keep the sessions simple and with a consistent style.  Parents want to see an image on your website and know that you can deliver a similar style of work, so these days I just keep it very straightforward using different blankets and throws for texture and occasionally baskets.

The baskets are generally used to create earthy outdoor images – making the new baby seem at part of nature – these look really wonderful in black and white

It’s also a good opportunity to link the birth of the baby with the season they were born – its particularly pretty at this time of year with the Autumn colours so I wrap the baby up warm and get some images filled with golden leaves.

And as mentioned if the baby is awake – I don’t spend hours worrying about getting them to sleep – I capture those little smiles they do when they are just dozing off to sleep

Or I capture them awake with their lovely eyes open and different little expressions they make

Its also so important to celebrate the fact that the baby is the new addition to a family so I encourage the parents to be in the images too rather than having the entire selection being just images of the baby.   Seeing the love on the parents faces as they interact with their baby are some of the most special images that I take.

If you are interested in some simple, beautiful baby images to keep forever don’t delay – get in touch – the baby will never be this tiny again and you don’t get those first few precious weeks back- contact me for a  booking today:)