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Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire

Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire

Part of my job as a newborn photographer that I really enjoy, is seeing older siblings with their new baby brother or sister.  This session was particularly special as I’d previously done a bump shoot with the family and the little girl was just great fun.  So I knew that she would be just as wonderful on the newborn shoot.  She also had the most lovely curly hair, just like her Mummy, and huge beautiful eyes – a photographer’s dream.  She was also a real little character which always makes for fun photo shoots. During the bump shoot she had lots of ideas of how she should pose and was keen to be in charge.

The bump shoot was done around the 32 week mark – I find this ideal as the bump is really obvious but Mum has not yet really got to the tired phase at the very end of the pregnancy term.  The newborn shoot was done around 12 days which is ideal for a newborn shoot.  The baby was into a settled routine with feeding but still very tiny and sleepy.

It was pretty difficult to narrow down the images from these shoots as there were just so many that I loved – intact I think there may be a couple of all time favourites in here.

So here are a selection from this bump shoot and newborn shoot in Broughton, Northamptonshire.  Hope you enjoy them.

Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_001
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_002
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_003
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_004
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_005
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_006
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_007
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_008
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_009
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_010
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_011
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_012
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_013
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_014
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_015
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_016
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_017

If you would like a newborn shoot get in touch on  if you have older children check out my main portrait site here

Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard

Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard.

It’s been a busy start to the year as a newborn photographer with quite a few gorgeous little babies being born.  This has been really lovely for me – though bad for the broody side of me – but has also put me a little behind on the blog.  I thoroughly enjoyed this recent newborn shoot in Leighton Buzzard, with a really alert little baby girl who was around 11 days old.  As always I suggest the shoot take place as soon as possible while the little one is still small enough to happily curl into the poses.

It was a really nice relaxed session – being in your own home for the shoot makes it much easier – and we managed to a get a lovely variety of shots in different poses since she was a very cooperative little girl.  I particularly liked the ones of her in the nursery and with her cuddly rabbit towards the end.

She was a little star without her nappy as well and didn’t manage to christen any of my blankets with gifts – always a bonus for a newborn photographer !

I hope you enjoy this selection of newborn images.

Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_017
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_018
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_019
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_020
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_021
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_022
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_023
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_024
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_025
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_026
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_027
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_028

Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_029

Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_030
Newborn Photographer Leighton Buzzard_031