Why have a session so soon?

The best time for a newborn shoot is in the first 2 weeks of the babies life.   At this stage they are still sleepy and can be posed easily to enable me to create those perfect sleepy curled shots that you see in my portfolio.  Babies bones are still soft at this stage and this means they can be positioned without difficulty. Once they are a little older and their cartilage hardens up into proper bone they often will not pose into the curled up positions as their legs are much stiffer. Sometimes these sorts of images can be achieved up until about 6 weeks or even later but to ensure the best images while the baby is still tiny and very new I recommend a shoot in the first 14 days.   I don’t recommend a shoot before about day 3 as the baby is really too unsettled and sometimes breast feeding mums are still only producing colostrum so the baby is really too hungry and will either want to feed non-stop or keep chew their hands.

newborn specialist milton keynes

It is best to book in when you are pregnant.  I will book you in about 1 week after your due date and we will juggle the dates once your baby has arrived.  If you know you have a C-section planned we can book a firm date.  You will of course be tired and getting used to your routine after a baby arrives but a newborn session is a relaxing and special experience so worth making the time.

I will be working with the baby for some time so you can relax – even have a little nap if need be – the experience is designed to be as stress free as possible.

Sessions are in your own home – although I will shortly have a newborn studio where I am able to do the shoots – this means that I can set up the conditions for heat and light so they are perfect.  If we do shoot in your home I will provide detailed information beforehand about how you can prepare so that the house is warm enough.  We work completely around the feeding and changing needs of the baby.  The safety and comfort of the baby is my priority at all times.

I am very hands on during the shoot – taking the baby from you – sometimes if they can still smell mum’s milk or are clingy they will not settle very well and will be better with me.   I’m a parent myself so your baby is in safe hands – I have also undertaken specific newborn baby posing training to ensure all the positions I set up during the session are safe.

I have a child – so I understand the following:

That your baby may be colicky and unsettled.
That you are exhausted and tearful and possibly struggling to cope.
That you may not have eaten or had a drink all day – I will make one for you if need be and make myself at home in your kitchen.
That you may need to breast feed your baby every 10 minutes throughout the entire session.
That your babies older sibling is feeling a bit jealous or upset or confused and may be unwilling to cooperate during the shoot.
That you think you look overweight and tired and don’t want to be in the photos.

This is special time for you and your baby – I will pose and shoot you with total sensitivity and photoshop can give me a little helping hand as well – you won’t regret being in the images with your new baby.

All of these things are the reason I allow lots of time for my newborn sessions.  I only take one booking a day.