I am a natural light newborn photography specialist.  I am also a 40-something, occasionally broody, Mum whose little girl is growing up too fast.  So I totally understand the way a new parent or even an experienced parent feels when they look at their wonderful new baby.

Newborn Photographer Milton Keynes

I photograph children of all ages with their families – if you would like to see my family portrait portfolio please check the website here.

However – I have a particular love for newborn babies.  I love to capture the simple beauty of a new life along with all the emotions that the family are experiencing.  I love their wispy hair and their tiny little hands and feet. Their beautiful baby eyelashes and sweet little faces.  I know just when to catch a little smile as they are dozing off to sleep.  I can calm and sooth a baby to get the best from them in a session in true baby whisperer style.  And I spend lots of time washing blankets that have been covered in numerous substances during a baby session !

Newborn baby photography is a real art.  It is vital that a photographer understands how to handle a baby safely and calmly and not put them in danger.   Many poses in modern newborn photography are created with support for the baby and worked on in photoshop afterwards.  Copying photographs that are displayed on the internet without sufficient knowledge can be dangerous.

Your baby is your most precious possession – so PLEASE ensure your photographer knows how to safely pose the baby so that they are comfortable, their circulation is not compromised and their necks are not going to be damaged.

I am fully insured and have undertaken specific photographic training on Newborn posing and newborn baby safety.  I am a member of the British Association of Newborn Photographers.  I also hold professional qualifications with both the Master Photographer’s Society and Guild of Professional Photographers.

My style is very natural – I don’t like the images to be too fussy with lots of props, I like to concentrate on the simple beauty of the baby.

My love of photography goes back a long way and has spanned many years and many exotic destinations.  However, having my own baby has made me view the whole business of taking photos from a much more personal and emotional perspective.

Your tiny baby will be off to school before you know it, heading across the playground without a backward glance and too embarrassed to hug you in public.

Freeze these beautiful fleeting moments in time whilst you can – give me a call and book in before the baby comes along.

I look forward to meeting you and having a little cuddle with your new baby.

Siobhan Murphy – LMPA, QGPP, BANP