After the Session

Once your session is completed, I will process all your images within a maximum time-frame of 2 weeks but will aim to get them ready for you to view as soon as possible.  I edit the images down to give you a range to choose from and spend time turning the images into beautiful Art work.  All your images will be fully re-touched so you will not see scratches, bumps, rashes, bruises and milk spots – all the little blemishes new babies have.  In your mind your baby has perfect skin so I will ensure that is how your images look.

Your images will be edited into a range of Art Pieces.  There will be a mixture of black and white and colour.  I will choose what best suits the images based on the skin tones of the baby and the range of fabrics, colours and textures that have been used in the styling.

We will then arrange an in person or online/phone ordering session where you can see all the images and decide what you would like.  A new baby turns your life upside down and things are busy but I find the sooner you sit, discuss and order your items the better.  It is very easy for weeks or even months to pass by before you know it.  There is never a “good time” when you have a family so getting this organised quickly after the session really is the best way.

I can talk you through lots of options and mock up multi-images into frames so you can visualise them.   Alternatively if you are more than a 30 minute drive away, I will email you a web viewing link to select your choice of images.   We will make an appointment time to discuss the images over the phone and finalise your order.  I can send you mock up templates by email of how certain pictures would look in frames together.

It is important to think about where you would like to put the Art Work from your session.  The choice of frames will depend on the decor in your home.   I have lots of frame choices so there will be something to suit everyone.   You may also like to have an album of your session with the images in if you are short of wall space.   This means you will have some idea of what you may like to purchase once you’ve seen your images.

The ordering session or phone session is when you will be making your selection on what to buy.  Please make sure all decision makers are present at this time to simplify the process.

Prices quoted at the time of your session and ordering appointment are valid at that time.  If for any reason you choose to wait to purchase your items then the price is not guaranteed.  If you would like to split your payments please ask – but please note final products will not be ordered until full payment has been received.

Your images  (purchased and un-purchased images) will be stored for a maximum of 1 year – but are often deleted after 6 months for reasons of space.  I will contact you before they are deleted to give you the opportunity to buy more images as I understand how quickly time flies with a family.  Should you wish me to store them for a longer time there is a fee applied depending on the amount of time.