Newborn Baby Photographer Irthlingborough

Newborn baby photographer Irthlingborough

I just love getting contacted for a newborn shoot – new babies are just so gorgeous and these shoots are always really special.  It’s extra special when you get two babies instead of one to photograph.  Photographing newborns is quite a knack – getting them to sleep at the right time, getting them posed safely without waking them up, keeping them settled.  Getting two babies settled and curled up together is always a challenge – but a fun one !

These two little baby boys were really lovely – and really really tiny – and they were such a joy to photograph.  They were actually a dream because they were very sleepy and settled together beautifully.

This is just a small selection of the images from this newborn shoot.   Hope you enjoy them.

Newborn baby photographer irthlingborough_001

Newborn baby photographer irthlingborough_002

Newborn baby photographer irthlingborough_003
Newborn baby photographer irthlingborough_004
Newborn baby photographer irthlingborough_005

Newborn baby photographer irthlingborough_006
Newborn baby photographer irthlingborough_007
Newborn baby photographer irthlingborough_008

Newborn baby photographer irthlingborough_009

I hope you enjoyed this selection of images – I advise you to get in touch early for a newborn shoot – I will pencil in your due date and then we can confirm your appointment when the baby arrives safely.  The first 2 weeks are always best for a newborn shoot when the baby is still small and able to curl up for certain poses. I keep the weeks quite flexible so I can book you in.   If you have an older baby check out my main website on this link –

Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire

Baby Portraits with older sister in Watford Hertfordshire.

I always enjoy returning to see regular clients and it’s especially when it is to meet a new member of the family.  It was lovely to catch up with this family in Watford and meet their new little boy.  His beautiful older sister is always a joy – such a fabulous little girl – and seeing her with the new baby brother was a real treat.

It was a nice mild day so we were able to get some pictures both indoors and outdoors and the new baby, just like his sister, was a lovely happy smiley little one.  Baby shoots are among my favourite family shoots as it’s always great to get to cuddle a little tiny one.

As ever narrowing down the baby portraits to pick a selection for the blog was a tough task and so I hope you like the selection that I’ve chosen.

If you would like a family portrait shoot with a new baby please get in touch on – shoots with new-borns are best done in the first two weeks when they will curl up into the poses you see in the galleries on the website.  If your baby is over the 2 week mark it may well be worth waiting until they are 6/7/8 weeks when they are starting to smile.  This can be especially nice if they have an older sibling as the interaction between the two will can work better with a slightly older baby.

I hope you enjoy looking through this selection of images from a baby and family portrait shoot in Watford, Hertfordshire.  I travel to shoots throughout Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_001
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_002
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_003
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_004
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_005
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_006
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_007
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_008
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_009
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_010
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_011

Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes

This portrait shoot of twin baby boys was done a while ago but I’m a little behind with blogging.  I’m a new-born photographer based near Milton Keynes covering the Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

I love all baby shoots and newborn shoots as I just adore little babies but doing a shoot with twins is always a real treat. Obviously it’s not easy getting babies to sleep at the same time, curl together at at same time and stay asleep once you’ve managed to pose them together !   It’s usually the case that you get one to sleep and the other wakes up or one needs a feed and one fills their nappy just as you’ve got them perfectly into position.  Alternatively one goes into a fabulous deep sleep and you can pose them perfectly whilst the other decides they are going to stay wide awake for the whole session.

These two gorgeous little boys were just fabulous and I managed to get them curled up together in a few different poses during the portrait session so I was really really pleased about that.

It was quite hard to pick my favourites but here are a few from this photo shoot of twin baby boys.  I hope you enjoy them.  Get in touch if you would like a newborn shoot – it’s best to book when you are pregnant and then I will pencil in your due date and fix a weekday shoot once the baby is born.  The shoots are best done in the first two weeks when the baby can still curl into the poses.

Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_001
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_002
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_003
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_004
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_005
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_006
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_007
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_008
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_009
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_010
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_011
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_012
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_013
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_014
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_015

Newborn Photography Pinner Middlesex

Newborn Photography Pinner Middlesex

The first few months of 2015 has been filled with babies which has been wonderful.  Lots of lovely sessions with tiny newborns and their very smitten parents.  Newborn sessions are always lovely but I particularly enjoy those with an older brother or sister welcoming the new baby into the household.

The newborn photography session in Pinner was for a family I have photographed a few times over the years and it was a real pleasure to go and photograph their new baby girl.  There was to be a special ceremony the next day where the babies hair would be shaved off but I managed to fit a session into the diary in time to capture her with a full head of gorgeous silky hair.  She was such a little beauty and I really enjoyed the session.  Newborn photography is a specialised skill – knowing how to handle and pose the babies takes time, patience and training.  Including siblings in the shots makes the task even more involved, however her big sister is great fun and we always have a giggle whenever I take pictures of her so it was, as always, a lively visit.

I hope you enjoy this selection of newborn images taken on location in Pinner Middlesex.



Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire

Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire

Part of my job as a newborn photographer that I really enjoy, is seeing older siblings with their new baby brother or sister.  This session was particularly special as I’d previously done a bump shoot with the family and the little girl was just great fun.  So I knew that she would be just as wonderful on the newborn shoot.  She also had the most lovely curly hair, just like her Mummy, and huge beautiful eyes – a photographer’s dream.  She was also a real little character which always makes for fun photo shoots. During the bump shoot she had lots of ideas of how she should pose and was keen to be in charge.

The bump shoot was done around the 32 week mark – I find this ideal as the bump is really obvious but Mum has not yet really got to the tired phase at the very end of the pregnancy term.  The newborn shoot was done around 12 days which is ideal for a newborn shoot.  The baby was into a settled routine with feeding but still very tiny and sleepy.

It was pretty difficult to narrow down the images from these shoots as there were just so many that I loved – intact I think there may be a couple of all time favourites in here.

So here are a selection from this bump shoot and newborn shoot in Broughton, Northamptonshire.  Hope you enjoy them.

Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_001
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_002
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_003
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_004
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_005
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_006
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_007
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_008
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_009
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_010
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_011
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_012
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_013
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_014
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_015
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_016
Newborn Photographer Broughton Northamptonshire_017

If you would like a newborn shoot get in touch on  if you have older children check out my main portrait site here