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Newborn Baby Photos Watford

Newborn baby photos Watford.

If you are expecting a new baby it’s great to consider having a newborn shoot in the first two weeks after the baby is born.  Things are pretty hectic when the baby arrives so it’s good to have thought about this beforehand and got yourself booked in.  Obviously for a newborn baby shoot we don’t know exactly when the baby will come so I pencil in your due date and then once the baby arrives safely we book you in.  All my newborn shoots are done during the week whilst Dad is still home on paternity leave.   The first two weeks are best because the baby is tiny and sleepy and will curl into some of the poses you’ll find on my website.

The shoot is all about capturing the relationship between you as a new family – it’s relaxed and we work around the baby getting the best shots.  I love it when the parents are really keen to be in the photos as well.  I know that as a new Mum you are not feeling your best so I shoot from the best angles and photoshop can help brighten those tired eyes !   I can do a shoot with just the baby but having all of you in the photos is much more precious and something the baby will really love when she/he grows up.

Heres a selection from a recent newborn baby shoot in Watford.

Baby photographer watford
Baby photographer watford
Baby photographer watford
Baby photographer watford
Baby photographer watford

Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire

Baby Portraits with older sister in Watford Hertfordshire.

I always enjoy returning to see regular clients and it’s especially when it is to meet a new member of the family.  It was lovely to catch up with this family in Watford and meet their new little boy.  His beautiful older sister is always a joy – such a fabulous little girl – and seeing her with the new baby brother was a real treat.

It was a nice mild day so we were able to get some pictures both indoors and outdoors and the new baby, just like his sister, was a lovely happy smiley little one.  Baby shoots are among my favourite family shoots as it’s always great to get to cuddle a little tiny one.

As ever narrowing down the baby portraits to pick a selection for the blog was a tough task and so I hope you like the selection that I’ve chosen.

If you would like a family portrait shoot with a new baby please get in touch on – shoots with new-borns are best done in the first two weeks when they will curl up into the poses you see in the galleries on the website.  If your baby is over the 2 week mark it may well be worth waiting until they are 6/7/8 weeks when they are starting to smile.  This can be especially nice if they have an older sibling as the interaction between the two will can work better with a slightly older baby.

I hope you enjoy looking through this selection of images from a baby and family portrait shoot in Watford, Hertfordshire.  I travel to shoots throughout Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_001
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_002
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_003
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_004
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_005
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_006
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_007
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_008
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_009
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_010
Baby Portraits Watford Hertfordshire_011

Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes

This portrait shoot of twin baby boys was done a while ago but I’m a little behind with blogging.  I’m a new-born photographer based near Milton Keynes covering the Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

I love all baby shoots and newborn shoots as I just adore little babies but doing a shoot with twins is always a real treat. Obviously it’s not easy getting babies to sleep at the same time, curl together at at same time and stay asleep once you’ve managed to pose them together !   It’s usually the case that you get one to sleep and the other wakes up or one needs a feed and one fills their nappy just as you’ve got them perfectly into position.  Alternatively one goes into a fabulous deep sleep and you can pose them perfectly whilst the other decides they are going to stay wide awake for the whole session.

These two gorgeous little boys were just fabulous and I managed to get them curled up together in a few different poses during the portrait session so I was really really pleased about that.

It was quite hard to pick my favourites but here are a few from this photo shoot of twin baby boys.  I hope you enjoy them.  Get in touch if you would like a newborn shoot – it’s best to book when you are pregnant and then I will pencil in your due date and fix a weekday shoot once the baby is born.  The shoots are best done in the first two weeks when the baby can still curl into the poses.

Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_001
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_002
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_003
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_004
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_005
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_006
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_007
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_008
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_009
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_010
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_011
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_012
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_013
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_014
Photos of twin baby boys milton keynes_015

Family Portrait Photographer St Albans

Family Portrait Photographer St Albans

One of the many great pleasures of photographing families is that I can return to see clients over and over.  I am lucky enough to photograph new babies that join the family and other children as they grow and change.   It’s a wonderful way to get to know the families as well.

I had done a bump shoot for this gorgeous family a few weeks before and so it was lovely to return and photograph their new baby girl and see her older brother so excited about having a little sister.

Capturing those early days and weeks with a new baby is very special and one of the things I love to photograph the most.   Though based near Milton Keynes I’m happy to travel and I cover Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.  Sometimes I go further afield – do feel free to ask – an additional travel fee may apply.

I hope you enjoy these newborn images of this gorgeous little lady taken in St Albans.

Family Portrait Photographer St Albans
Family Portrait Photographer St Albans
Family Portrait Photographer St Albans

Check out my facebook page to keep in touch with the latest news and offers or email to book.

Baby Photographer Hitchen

Baby Photographer Hitchen

I photograph a lot of newborn babies which I love as they are so tiny and you can create some beautiful images when they are asleep and can be posed curled up in the fetal position.  However it is also wonderful to photograph babies when they are a little older and are starting to really get a lovely personality.  I love to see their cheeky little faces light up with smiles.

This little fella was a particular joy to photograph as he was such a happy little soul with the most stunning big blue eyes.  I met his gorgeous Mummy a few years ago on an overland trip in South America and it was just fabulous to catch up, meet her husband and photograph their little baby boy.

I hope you like this small selection from the baby shoot near Hitchen in Hertfordshire.

It can be pretty tiring being as gorgeous as this little fella so he needed a bit of a power nap part way through the shoot.

He was soon up again and turning on the charm and fluttering his amazing eyelashes – just beautiful !