baby photographer olney

I want my prices to be clear for you with no surprises after the photos have been taken.

All session prices include a session fee, consultation time before the session, full processing and retouching of all images and in person or online viewing.

Prices apply to sessions within 40 miles of Milton Keynes – additional travel costs may apply.


Newborn Session Fee: £100 weekdays £125 (on Saturdays)

The session fee covers my time on the shoot and all processing and I include my gift of one Mounted Art Image from your session.  Further products can be purchased at your ordering session.

The fee includes

– Consultation before the session by phone or email which explains the process clearly – I will also send you guidance on how the session will work and tips on what to wear.

– 2-5 hour photo session or longer if needed.  Newborn Sessions can take a long time due to working around the needs of the baby, allowing for feeds, changes, settling the baby to sleep and setting up different shots.

– Full editing of around  15- 20  images depending upon the session – there will most likely be several more assuming parents and siblings are involved in the session.   All images are fully retouched.  Including baby rashes, milk spots and any extreme tiredness evident around the eyes of the parents.

– Online gallery of images to view and share with friends and family after your ordering session.

– In person or phone/email post-session consultation to help you select your frames and images and make your purchases.

Baby’s First Year:  If you book 3 sessions in one year upfront it will cost £250 for the session fees which will cover all 3 sessions in the location of your choice. This includes an 8×6 mounted Art Image from each session.  This is a substantial saving on booking 3 separate sessions across the year.  These sessions are best done as Newborn, 6-8 months (or when sitting unsupported) and around 1 year.  Each session is treated as a separate session which means you will need to order from each session before taking up the next one – in other words you can’t order from all 3 sessions at the end of the year.

Bump Session: £75 in the week, £95 at the weekend. This includes the session fee and my gift of an 8×6 mounted Art Image.  Travel costs may apply.

Bump & Newborn Session :   If you book a bump and baby shoot upfront the cost will be £150 (or £175 at the weekend) for the two shoots.  This includes my gift of an 8×6 Art Image from each shoot.


Newborn shoots are shot in such as way that they produce statement pieces of art for your walls.

Frame prices begin at £70 – for a small desk frame.

Stylish Wall Art Blocks start at £200 up to about £400 for individual blocks and £800 for a Block Collection.

Wall frames are available in different styles, sizes and finishes and cost from £450 -£600 depending on the frame you select.

Baby Albums are available  – £600 for 20 pages.

I do not sell digital files individually from Newborn Sessions.   They can be purchased at £60 per file when Wall Art products are purchased.  Or they can be purchased in batches – see below.

USB’s – Due to demand I do sell Digital File Collections but these priced higher as you can reproduce them and enlarge them.  If only the USB is purchased and no Wall Products then the cost of the USB is £700 which includes all the files from the session.

If you would like to buy smaller numbers of digital files these are sold in batches of 3 (£250) 10 (£400) or 20 (£550).

If you would like a more detailed price list please email me.